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Norfolk Island is a quaint - almost quirky – forgotten corner of Australia. 

And that’s a huge part of its appeal.

I went back recently, after not having visited for over a decade. It was a sweet reminder of how naturally beautiful Norfolk is. 

Not a lot has changed and, in today’s world, that can be pretty appealing.


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Norfolk Island is most known for its rich history, picturesque landscape and stunning sapphire coloured ocean.  A subtropical Island, with a tapestry of forests, gardens and rolling pine-dotted meadows, Norfolk Island is surrounded by some of the deepest and most beautiful waters in the Pacific Ocean.   With its rugged coastline pounded by heavy swells, this sub-tropical island has had its own Board riders club for some time, keeping the reef breaks all to themselves (no crowds here) The secret is now out and the island is  becoming increasingly popular with overseas surfers.

Norfolk is open to swell from all angles with the predominant being from the south. The west, east and southern sides all have good breaks, with swells rolling in over the island’s volcanic rock and coral reefs. Slaughter Bay located in Kingston, the World Heritage site has the most consistent reef break offering up barrelling lefts and peaks. This reef is where the Flagship of the First Fleet, HMS Sirius was wrecked in 1790. Other reef breaks worth checking out are Cemetery Beach and Ball Bay or walk the winding track down the hill to Anson Bay for a beach break.

There are also secluded spots around the island, which can offer big waves and reef bombies, these areas are quite difficult to get to, quite often scrabbling down a cliff and it is highly recommended you go with a local surf guide.


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It was a pleasure to meet Jenny Wong and her husband Darren Lee, who visited Norfolk Island last month. Jenny is the owner of 
Jenny’s beautiful foodie photos were very popular on social media. Jenny's photo below of Island Nectar’s hamper at Puppies Point was selected by Tourism Australia weekly selection “Where Australia ate this week” on Facebook (this site has over 6,000,000 likes) Her video clips have been fun to watch and her blog which has approx. a million readers per month, is now out.



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 One of the highest compliments we continue to receive on Norfolk Island is that the island is one of the friendliest places you can visit.  For a start, we all wave to each other, and to visitors, when driving around the island, this is called "the Norfolk wave"  People wave to you if you are on a tour bus and will also stop to ask if you need a lift if you are walking along the road with shopping bags in your hand. 

 If they see you studying a map, locals will ask if they can help you find something and mention you are interested in something, they will do what they can to make it happen. 
Norfolk Islanders are passionate about their home, and they love showing it off to visitors.  You will find that the same faces keep cropping up.  The young woman who greeted you at the airport, will serve you at a restaurant that same evening!  The tour guide will entertain you at the club that night or will be acting in the play you see.
Express an interest in the unique island language, people will be happy to teach you a few words and phrases, especially the greeting, Watawieh!  The local language was created by the Bounty mutineers who had to communicate with their Polynesian wives on Pitcairn Island, so you can hear both the old English and old Tahitian words in the mix.

The Norfolk Islanders are renowned for their welcoming nature and friendliness, come on over and experience this friendly island for yourself.

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If you love star-gazing, then you will adore what’s in store for you on Norfolk Island. Just a five by eight kilometer volcanic remnant in the great South Pacific, Norfolk Island has all the pre-requisites for admiring the universe.

It is over a thousand kilometers from the closest city, there are no street lights and no highways. People who have admired the southern skies from a range of exotic destinations agree that Norfolk’s skies really turn on a stunning show and compete with some of the best.  The clifftops, ridges and hilltops provide wonderful vantage points.

In fact, on any fine evening, both locals and visitors can be found around the island admiring the sunset, cooking up on cliff top wood fired barbeques, with ocean views, and then watching the milky way once the sun disappears.

Some visitors have been quoted as saying the Norfolk Island skies are so clear and the stars seem so close that you could just about touch them!
Whether you choose Norfolk for a romantic destination, a short break or a family holiday, you will be in awe of the magnificent night skies.

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In our busy lives, short breaks can recharge our energy reserves and give us the momentum we need. Norfolk Island is just a little over two hours flying from Sydney and Brisbane, quicker than some road trips you may take! With the flight schedules you can take a quick escape to Norfolk for only 3 or 4 days but it is such a magical place, you’ll feel like you’ve gone for a week.

Just 5kms by 8kms, you can drive around the island several times in a day, but as everywhere you go is spectacularly beautiful and full of amazing features, you will want to linger to soak it all up. You can drive to the top of Mt Pitt and enjoy 360 degree panoramic views of Norfolk and its two off-shore islands, Phillip and Nepean.

For the more adventurous, from here, you can take numerous walking trails that will take you through magnificent tree-fern forests, rainforest and along spectacular clifftop tracks. There are nature reserves that offer more glorious country to explore. Catch a sunset every evening or the sunrise each morning.

The water is pristine and the marine life and coral will astound the snorkeling enthusiasts. If relaxation and pampering is more your style, then choose from an extensive massage menu and sample a new café or restaurant every meal – there are 35 on the island, offering the real paddock to plate experience.

With a world heritage listed precinct, museums, award winning attractions, galleries, studios, live music, fishing, golf and a range of sporting facilities, this tiny Pacific gem just keeps offering up more and more choices. There's more to Norfolk Island for a short break away from it all.

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Whether you are a serious tramper or twitcher or just someone who loves fresh air and great views, little Norfolk Island will surprise you with what it has to offer.  Just 34.6 square kilometres, Norfolk and its off shore islands are the volcanic remnants of a land mass four times the current size.  Around 182 native plant species provide the habitat for eight endemic bird species, while thousands of migratory sea birds make Norfolk their temporary home each year.

As you fly into Norfolk, its turquoise bays, soaring cliff tops, green hills and valleys appear to arise from the immensity of the Pacific ocean.  You will want to start exploring as soon as you land.  A quick trip to the lookout at the top of Mt Pitt, will give you a bird’s eye view of the whole island and help you get oriented.  Some of the best walking trails through the National Park start from this point.   

In addition to the National Park with its sub-tropical rain forest, coastal walks and Botanic Garden, there are also Forestry Reserves all around the coast, offering breathtaking vistas and birdwatching opportunities.  Wandering through the Hundred Acre Reserve during breeding season is an experience for all of the senses with tree, rock and ground nesting birds by the hundreds.


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There is no better place to be when the mercury rises than a tiny sub-tropical island where the cool sea-breezes make summer sublime and,at Latitude 290, that place is Norfolk Island.

Norfolk Island is perfectly situated to present an ideal summer climate combining with natural beauty, history, unique culture and glorious beaches to create everything you need for a great holiday. In historic, world-heritage listed Kingston, Norfolk’s old town and playground, the beautiful Georgian stone buildings provide a picturesque background to the spectacular lagoon and sandy beaches. 

Throughout summer, locals and visitors swim, paddle, kayak, snorkel, surf and sail to their hearts’ content.  Equipment can be hired on island and tours are available for kayaking, sightseeing and glass bottom boat trips. 
Dotted around the beaches and all over the historic Kingston precinct are barbeques and tables awaiting in amazing settings for a sumptuous picnic and a mobile café at Emily Bay offering that essential ice cream or snack for the serious beachgoer!

Whilst there are top beaches on Norfolk Island, the spectacular National Park and reserves offer a wide range of walking trails suited to both young and young at heart.  The bushwalks explore forests, clifftops, bird rookeries and tree fern gullies and discover incredible flora and birdlife that provide one photo opportunity after another.  No matter where you go, the vistas will astound you.  You can explore on your own or book one of the fascinating tours led by well-informed local guides.

For the more adventurous, there are several ocean fishing charters and many of the island’s restaurants will prepare your fish or you can barbecue your catch on a cliff top while taking in a breathtaking sunset.
 Summer isn’t a season on Norfolk Island – it’s a celebration.  Come on over this year and join the party!

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Thinking about trying something different in the upcoming Summer school holidays? Then plan an adventure on Norfolk Island.

Home of the descendants of the Bounty mutiny and filled with fascinating stories of convict times and great for all ages, this special island is an ideal destination for the whole family.

The island has a beautiful sub-tropical lagoon filled with corals and rock fish, complete with an anchored raft that is a magnet for children and the young at heart. It is a snorkelling paradise and the calm turquoise waters are perfect for longboarding, paddling and kayaking.

You can hire a tandem push bike and share the fun, plus a play park, skate ramp, mini-golf, surfing beaches and picturesque walking trails through reserves and the national park.
The Botanical Gardens on the outskirts of the park has just opened a new Discovery centre with interactive displays and a live video stream from neighbouring bird rookery, Phillip Island.

Norfolk Island has countless tours to choose from but a favourite with most children is the Pitcairn Settlers Village with its working forge and Model T truck. Finding the centre of the bamboozling hedge maze at Strawberry Fields is another attraction that rates highly with the junior visitors.
And what is a holiday without ice cream, chocolate and toys? There are three ice cream shops to choose from, plus a specialty sweets and chocolate shop and two huge toy shops with the biggest range of Lego in the southern hemisphere!

The good news is that Norfolk Island is a family-friendly destination, with restaurants and cafes welcoming children and offering sumptuous and healthy kids’ meals while parents enjoy fresh seasonal produce prepared with flair, in generous servings. And, every scenic spot around the island, and there are many, is equipped with barbeques and picnic tables, so there is an abundance of choice for each day of adventure.

A number of accommodation properties feature on-site pools and tour companies offer reduced rates for children.
There really is so much to see, do and enjoy on Norfolk Island for all the family.

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Norfolk Island hosted its inaugural international outrigger festival in January 2015 and, following on from this tear away success, the next Norfolk Ocean Challenge, NOC the Rock, will take place from 17- 21 January 2016.

This year, conditions varied from challenging to ideal, providing a fantastic experience for every paddler. From the colourful and moving opening ceremony in world heritage listed Kingston, with descendants of the Bounty mutineers and their Polynesian brides welcoming everyone in their unique native tongue, to the final party night, Norfolk Island was truly bewitching.
An island of just 5kms by 8kms, this is the perfect setting for competitors and spectators. The cliff tops that hem the shoreline provide superb vantage points for observers. The two offshore islands are positioned ideally for shorter events and the lagoon, Emily Bay, is a dreamy home base and playground. The 26km round-island iron marathon event is gruelling, but amazingly picturesque as competitors pass the magnificent sea stacks and towering cliffs that rim the coastline.

 Norfolk Island has a raft of other attractions on offer as well. There is surfing, snorkelling and long boarding, horse riding, golf and bush walking through pristine native forests for the active holiday-makers. Plus there is a sizeable array of tours including visits to the four excellent boutique museums which relate the fascinating stories of the island's Polynesian, convict, Bounty and maritime past. For pure relaxation, there are several masseuse treatments to choose from, great cafes and restaurants, secluded beaches and many romantic scenic spots with ocean views that go forever.

The race registration fee includes entry to individual and team sprint events and the 12km and 26km iron events, plus social outings, all ceremonies and transfers and support transits required. Excellent packages are chock full of complimentary bonuses to make NOC the Rock 2016 a memorable holiday for everyone. This is a great way to experience Norfolk Island as locals and international visitors compete, socialise and celebrate together on this fabulous rock in the turquoise waters of the South Pacific.
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