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Thinking about trying something different in the upcoming Summer school holidays? Then plan an adventure on Norfolk Island.

Home of the descendants of the Bounty mutiny and filled with fascinating stories of convict times and great for all ages, this special island is an ideal destination for the whole family.

The island has a beautiful sub-tropical lagoon filled with corals and rock fish, complete with an anchored raft that is a magnet for children and the young at heart. It is a snorkelling paradise and the calm turquoise waters are perfect for longboarding, paddling and kayaking.

You can hire a tandem push bike and share the fun, plus a play park, skate ramp, mini-golf, surfing beaches and picturesque walking trails through reserves and the national park.
The Botanical Gardens on the outskirts of the park has just opened a new Discovery centre with interactive displays and a live video stream from neighbouring bird rookery, Phillip Island.

Norfolk Island has countless tours to choose from but a favourite with most children is the Pitcairn Settlers Village with its working forge and Model T truck. Finding the centre of the bamboozling hedge maze at Strawberry Fields is another attraction that rates highly with the junior visitors.
And what is a holiday without ice cream, chocolate and toys? There are three ice cream shops to choose from, plus a specialty sweets and chocolate shop and two huge toy shops with the biggest range of Lego in the southern hemisphere!

The good news is that Norfolk Island is a family-friendly destination, with restaurants and cafes welcoming children and offering sumptuous and healthy kids’ meals while parents enjoy fresh seasonal produce prepared with flair, in generous servings. And, every scenic spot around the island, and there are many, is equipped with barbeques and picnic tables, so there is an abundance of choice for each day of adventure.

A number of accommodation properties feature on-site pools and tour companies offer reduced rates for children.
There really is so much to see, do and enjoy on Norfolk Island for all the family.

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