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If you love star-gazing, then you will adore what’s in store for you on Norfolk Island. Just a five by eight kilometer volcanic remnant in the great South Pacific, Norfolk Island has all the pre-requisites for admiring the universe.

It is over a thousand kilometers from the closest city, there are no street lights and no highways. People who have admired the southern skies from a range of exotic destinations agree that Norfolk’s skies really turn on a stunning show and compete with some of the best.  The clifftops, ridges and hilltops provide wonderful vantage points.

In fact, on any fine evening, both locals and visitors can be found around the island admiring the sunset, cooking up on cliff top wood fired barbeques, with ocean views, and then watching the milky way once the sun disappears.

Some visitors have been quoted as saying the Norfolk Island skies are so clear and the stars seem so close that you could just about touch them!
Whether you choose Norfolk for a romantic destination, a short break or a family holiday, you will be in awe of the magnificent night skies.

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Whether you are a serious tramper or twitcher or just someone who loves fresh air and great views, little Norfolk Island will surprise you with what it has to offer.  Just 34.6 square kilometres, Norfolk and its off shore islands are the volcanic remnants of a land mass four times the current size.  Around 182 native plant species provide the habitat for eight endemic bird species, while thousands of migratory sea birds make Norfolk their temporary home each year.

As you fly into Norfolk, its turquoise bays, soaring cliff tops, green hills and valleys appear to arise from the immensity of the Pacific ocean.  You will want to start exploring as soon as you land.  A quick trip to the lookout at the top of Mt Pitt, will give you a bird’s eye view of the whole island and help you get oriented.  Some of the best walking trails through the National Park start from this point.   

In addition to the National Park with its sub-tropical rain forest, coastal walks and Botanic Garden, there are also Forestry Reserves all around the coast, offering breathtaking vistas and birdwatching opportunities.  Wandering through the Hundred Acre Reserve during breeding season is an experience for all of the senses with tree, rock and ground nesting birds by the hundreds.


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