Norfolk Island is a quaint - almost quirky – forgotten corner of Australia. 

And that’s a huge part of its appeal.

I went back recently, after not having visited for over a decade. It was a sweet reminder of how naturally beautiful Norfolk is. 

Not a lot has changed and, in today’s world, that can be pretty appealing.


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 One of the highest compliments we continue to receive on Norfolk Island is that the island is one of the friendliest places you can visit.  For a start, we all wave to each other, and to visitors, when driving around the island, this is called "the Norfolk wave"  People wave to you if you are on a tour bus and will also stop to ask if you need a lift if you are walking along the road with shopping bags in your hand. 

 If they see you studying a map, locals will ask if they can help you find something and mention you are interested in something, they will do what they can to make it happen. 
Norfolk Islanders are passionate about their home, and they love showing it off to visitors.  You will find that the same faces keep cropping up.  The young woman who greeted you at the airport, will serve you at a restaurant that same evening!  The tour guide will entertain you at the club that night or will be acting in the play you see.
Express an interest in the unique island language, people will be happy to teach you a few words and phrases, especially the greeting, Watawieh!  The local language was created by the Bounty mutineers who had to communicate with their Polynesian wives on Pitcairn Island, so you can hear both the old English and old Tahitian words in the mix.

The Norfolk Islanders are renowned for their welcoming nature and friendliness, come on over and experience this friendly island for yourself.

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In our busy lives, short breaks can recharge our energy reserves and give us the momentum we need. Norfolk Island is just a little over two hours flying from Sydney and Brisbane, quicker than some road trips you may take! With the flight schedules you can take a quick escape to Norfolk for only 3 or 4 days but it is such a magical place, you’ll feel like you’ve gone for a week.

Just 5kms by 8kms, you can drive around the island several times in a day, but as everywhere you go is spectacularly beautiful and full of amazing features, you will want to linger to soak it all up. You can drive to the top of Mt Pitt and enjoy 360 degree panoramic views of Norfolk and its two off-shore islands, Phillip and Nepean.

For the more adventurous, from here, you can take numerous walking trails that will take you through magnificent tree-fern forests, rainforest and along spectacular clifftop tracks. There are nature reserves that offer more glorious country to explore. Catch a sunset every evening or the sunrise each morning.

The water is pristine and the marine life and coral will astound the snorkeling enthusiasts. If relaxation and pampering is more your style, then choose from an extensive massage menu and sample a new café or restaurant every meal – there are 35 on the island, offering the real paddock to plate experience.

With a world heritage listed precinct, museums, award winning attractions, galleries, studios, live music, fishing, golf and a range of sporting facilities, this tiny Pacific gem just keeps offering up more and more choices. There's more to Norfolk Island for a short break away from it all.

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