Customs & Immigration

Customs and Immigration

Customs & Immigration

Please be advised that changes to travel requirements from Australia to Norfolk Island will come into place as from 1 July 2016. 
(There are no changes to travel from Auckland, New Zealand to Norfolk Island)

From 01 July 2016, travel between Norfolk Island and mainland Australia will become a domestic movement for immigration purposes, although Air New Zealand will continue to operate from international airports.

Anyone travelling between Norfolk Island and Sydney or Brisbane will be required to have photographic identification. A valid passport is the preferred means of passenger identification.

Air New Zealand advise that from 01 July the online check in facility will not be available to passengers travelling between Norfolk Island and Australia. Also please be aware that passengers arriving into and departing Brisbane and Sydney will no longer be able to use Smart Gate/eGate. 

All visitors require an Australian visa except for persons travelling on an Australian or New Zealand passport or persons holding a passport endorsed with Permanent Resident of Norfolk Island visa label. The required Australian visa must be valid for a period of 30 days beyond the period of intended stay on Norfolk Island. If arrival to Norfolk Island is via Australia, that visa must be a multiple visa.

Vegetables, fruits, plants and seeds are prohibited imports to keep the island free of introduced disease. Pork and poultry importation from New Zealand is strictly prohibited.

Your personal concessions allows you to bring into Norfolk Island duty free items. If you are uncertain ask a Customs Officer on arrival, before submitting your arrival card.

Border protection
Certain items are prohibited. Most prohibited items are prohibited because of the impact it could have if allowed to be imported into the country. One single selfish act of smuggling could lead to the devastation of Norfolk Island as a tourist destination. Your assistance to preserve this destination would be appreciated.

Norfolk Island can boast that it is relatively pest free and crime free. The importation of certain goods such illicit drugs or plant material that may contain disease can have an impact on the lifestyle and freedom that Norfolk Island enjoys. We ask that any person travelling to Norfolk Island respect what we have and take into account the need to impose restrictions on certain items.

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